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How to Make Classy Groomsman Proposal Cards Even Your Picky Groom Will Love

how to make classy groomsman proposal cards even your picky groom will love


“What in the world is a groomsman proposal?”

If you have to ask, then you’re probably not a Pinterest-surfing-bride-to-be.

Bridesmaid proposals have been a big wedding trend for the past few years; they usually involve the bride-to-be sending a “goodie-box” to each of her potential bridesmaids asking them to join her wedding party. The goodies can include customized shirts & “getting-ready” robes for the big day, mini bottles of champagne with personalized glasses, and small gifts such as jewelry. The gifts often include a sweet message, like “I can’t say ‘I DO’ without you, will you be my bridesmaid?” or “I found my mister but I still need my sister, will you be my maid of honor?”

But why should the girls have all the fun? Groomsman proposals are not as popular as bridesmaids’ but can be just as clever and fun. The guys’ goodies often include gifts such as cigars with a personalized cigar cutter, monogrammed pocket knives or bottle openers, and accessories for the big day (suspenders, socks, ties).

The “proposals” are fun to make and serve as a nice gift for the members of your wedding party in exchange for their commitment of time and $$$ (party members often cover the cost of their attire including bridesmaid dresses & suit rentals, accessories, hotel rooms, bachelor/ette party expenses, etc.)

My fiancé wanted to give his guys something personalized and functional, so we made monogrammed magnetic bottle openers (post & tutorial coming soon).

To send with each gift, I also created a simple groomsman proposal card using the Cricut.

The tutorial for these cards is below, happy crafting!

Groomsman Proposal Cards using the Cricut


  • Cricut + Cricut Design Space
    • adhesive cutting mat (light or standard grip)
    • regular cutting blade
    • pen (I used the black 0.4 tip that comes standard)
  • 2 colors of cardstock
  • double-sided tape


Choose your cardstock colors. I used “natural” (recycled-looking brown) for the foreground and black for the background. “Natural” also looks really nice with a colored background, perhaps one of your wedding colors.DSC04066 - Copy

Create your foreground piece in Cricut Design Space. I made this design using only shapes & fonts that were included/free. If you wish, play around with different fonts, layouts, and sizes to see which you like best.

  1. Create a square under Shapes. I made mine 4″ x 4″. foreground step 1
  2. Add the bowtie. Under Images, search “tie” and filter by Free; it’s the only one that comes up. Scale the bowtie up or down depending on your preference and center it in your square. foreground step 2
  3. Next, add your text.
    • The first text box will read “IT’S TIME TO”. I used the font Bodoni MT. Center this near the top of your square.
    • The second text box reads “SUIT UP”. I used Times New Roman for this; enlarge your font and center it below the first text box.
    • The text in the third box will vary depending on your preference. (My fiancé wanted less of a proposal and more of a demand, so we wrote “your service as a groomsman is required”) Other ideas include “will you be my groomsman?” or “your service as a groomsman is requested”. I used Bradley Hand ITC for the third box. Center this box towards the bottom of the square, below the bowtie.
    • The text boxes should be set to Write while the square & bowtie should be Cutforeground step 3
  4. Edit the shape and font sizes until you’re satisfied with the layout. Then select everything and Attachforeground step 35                                                                                                                                                        foreground step 4
  5. Now it’s time to Make It! Ensure that the dial on the Cricut machine is set to cardstock and place your foreground color on the cutting mat. Once everything is set and your pen is snapped into place, load your mat then press the C button on the Cricut to make your project.foreground step 5                                                                                                                                                     foreground step 6                                                                                                                                                     DSC04081 - Copy
  6. Once everything is finished, unload your mat and remove your square, weeding the cut bowtie. I saved these little cardstock bowties to place on the back of the card.DSC04106 - Copy


To create the background piece in Cricut Design Space, simply create a square that is slightly larger than the square from your foreground piece. My square was 4.5″ x 4.5″, creating a 1/4″ border all around. Place your background-colored cardstock on the mat, load the mat, and let the Cricut cut your square.foreground step 7                                                                                                                                                       DSC04108 - Copy

DSC04112 - Copy


Assemble your foreground piece on top of the background square and secure with double-sided tape (or another adhesive that’s good for cardstock). If you wish, flip over the card and attach the cut bowtie piece to the back.DSC04115 - Copy


There you go! This design was super easy to create in Cricut Design Space and the cards turned out great; they’re simple & gentlemanly enough for all the guys in your party.

final front & back


Stay tuned for more DIY wedding crafts and feel free to share your thoughts below. If you decide to make your own groomsman proposal cards, please comment below with pictures!

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